What are Military Power Supplies?

Power supplies exist in the military and in other industries, but military power supplies are in a class of their own. Military power supplies are engineered to meet high demands required for tough operations that require increased durability, increased ruggedness and flawless reliability. The best military power supplies providers design their products to to offer seamless performance in a plethora of harsh climates and intense terrains. They also need to be designed to operate with minimal maintenance while offering long life cycles.

What Kind of Standards Must Military Power Supplies Meet?

Military power supplies must meet very strict standards of the highest pedigree to guarantee harsh deployment environments. These standards are met by sticking to meticulous construction and design that offers smaller size, lighter weights and higher efficiency. In order to meet high standards military power supplies must exceed the challenges of multi-voltage devices and the battle of distributed systems. Some of the ways in which optimal performance is met with military power supplies includes:

  • Military power supplies must be able to withstand multiple lightning strikes
  • For tactical reasons, military power supplies must offer noise reduction
  • Military power supplies must withstand temperatures below -40 degrees and above 80 degrees
  • When it comes to military-grade aircraft and vehicles the three operational modes of emergency, normal and abnormal, power supplies must support specific voltage ranges for each mode
  • When sealing military power supplies the integrity must meet immersion to a depth of one meter per MIL-STD-810 Method 512.5 with non-conductive materials
  • Military power supplies support lower input signals than commercial products
  • Military power supplies must support higher voltages that their commercial counterparts
  • The best military power supplies must withstand blowing rain, drip, and humidity and may have a GORE TEX vent
  • Military power supplies must withstand an abundance of shock and vibration like that felt under artillery assault

Since 1997 CE requirements demand compliance with EN601010-1 safety standards; higher clearance for high-voltage circuits and thicker insulators are common for this. In addition, relief clip connectors and shrouded variations help to stop accidental human contact with exposed bus bar screw terminal strips. These standards not only offer superior performance for all branches of our armed services but they also help keep our enlisted men and women safe from inadvertent contact while reducing the risk of injury.

Military Power Supplies Ruggedness

Although military power supplies have rigorous performance and reliability standards, they could be insufficient in the world of mission-specific needs.  The following components are engineered for the military with ruggedness at the top of priorities:

Single-phase transformers – Military-grade transformers are generally used in submarine, tank, airborne and missile applications. The best single-phase transformers should function under harsh temperatures. They’re designed to stay protected from fungus, intense and continuous sunlight, dust and debris, moisture, altitude, and salinity.

Three-phase transformers – Three-phase transformers are engineered to meet high temperature resistance for military telecommunications and electronics. For example, three-phase transformers (and single-phase types) are built to protect against harsh conditions while being compact.

Heavy-duty AC-DC converters – Military-grade converters must withstand the heaviest loads, resist high humidity levels, tolerate high-impact shocks, and perform under intense condensation levels.

Inverters – DC-AC inverters offer lightweight rugged, reliable, and low-maintenance current inversion for use on all military vehicles, aircraft and ships. They are able to take on a bounty of environmental challenges. DC-AC inverters are tough enough to convert multi-level voltage while offering protection from short circuiting and overheating.

DC-DC Converters – The most rugged DC converters tolerate violently harsh conditions while offering a broad range of low-noise adjustable voltage output. These DC-DC converters are generally used for multiple types of military drones.

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