The Tamales Business in Mexico

The sale of tamales in Tijuana fosters the Mexican ancestral tradition, which means that millions of tourists who arrive to this border city know the delicious taste of Mexico and the migrants have the flavor of their city. There are many tamales vendors all over the city, it doesn’t matter where are you, you always can find a warm and tasty tamal to eat in the breakfast, lunch or dinner. The patients of dentists in Tijuana when they come for their medical appointments take the opportunity to go to try these delicious tamales.

In an interview, a tamales vendor Hugo Osorio Huerta said that Asian and US tourists prefer corn tamale because they do not find it in their countries, also because they are not spicy like other tamales and have a sweet flavor.

“I considered selling tamales on the border because they live more traditional roots and tourists from other countries know and take a piece of Mexico with the tamales,” he said. Osorio Huerta, originally from Veracruz, has been selling tamales in Tijuana for 15 years, however, before he worked in the field and migrated from his state because of the low economy he had there, while in Tijuana he managed to offer his family a better quality of lifetime.

“I have low, medium and high-income clients, tourists from the United States and Mexicans; with eight hours of work I have supported my family, I sell the tamales in Mercado Hidalgo and in downtown Tijuana, “he said.

He mentioned that he offers traditional tamales of beef, chicken, rajas cheese, pineapple, corn and pork in a Veracruz-style plantain leaf, the corn being the most sold, he said, tourists take four to five dozen

“Americans come every 15 days or every month, I sell 200 to 300 tamales a day, the best season for the sale of tamales is November, December and January, a low sale for me is 100 tamales.

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